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These documents on the data aquisition system and sub-topics are available:
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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5704-v1 Integrating the DECal System Response Measurements into DESDM: Some Thoughts Douglas L Tucker Telescope Improvements
DES Systems Interfaces
Photometric Redshifts
25 Mar 2013
4574-v2 The DECam Data Acquisition and Control System Klaus Honscheid SPIE 2010
08 Sep 2010
3915-v1 Focus and Alignment Aaron Roodman Optics
02 Dec 2009
1320-v3 DECam SISPI Database Schema Description Elizabeth J Buckley-Geer SISPI
17 Sep 2008
1322-v4 WBS 1.6.10 DES Cloud Camera BOE Klaus Honscheid et al. BOE 1.6 SISPI
31 Jul 2008
695-v1 ICS ICD Jim Grudzinski et al. SISPI ICD
08 Oct 2007
677-v1 SkyCam FRD Douglas L Tucker Calibrations
31 Jul 2007
374-v1 SISPI SkyCamera Talk (22 Feb 2007) Douglas L Tucker Calibrations
19 Jul 2007
460-v5 Data Handling System ideas and testing Tao Qian SISPI
19 Apr 2007
417-v1 FCS and Image Builder Inga Karliner SISPI
04 Apr 2007
342-v1 Monsoon Supervisor Layer testing Tao Qian SISPI
01 Feb 2007
320-v1 MONSOON Supervisor Layer testing Tao Qian SISPI
18 Jan 2007
305-v2 AAS 07 SISPI poster Jon Thaler AAS07
02 Jan 2007
236-v1 MONSOON supervisor layer test Tao Qian SISPI
30 Nov 2006
186-v1 SISPI abstract Jon Thaler AAS07
16 Oct 2006
87-v2 Draft SISPI Architectures Michael J. Haney SISPI
21 Jun 2006
32-v1 MAGIC Camera Control Jon Thaler SISPI
27 Jan 2006
29-v2 CLEO experience - Klaus Honscheid Jon Thaler SISPI
24 Jan 2006
22-v1 Jon Thaler's Session Introduction Jon Thaler SISPI
22 Jan 2006
9-v1 Owned byJJT Jon Thaler SISPI
14 Dec 2005
8-v1 Draft SISPI FRD Jon Thaler SISPI
14 Dec 2005

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