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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
9281-v1 A Case Study In Public Data Release:Flight Path of Malaysia Airlines MH370 Stephen Kent Other
01 Jun 2016
8031-v3 Chalk Talk: Annual Review David Finley QSOs
Strong Lensing
16 Jun 2014
4097-v6 Saturday Morning Physics - Cosmology Brenna Flaugher Other
20 Mar 2011
3878-v1 Design and Status of the DES All-Sky IR Cloud Camera Peter Lewis et al. Other
18 Mar 2010
89-v1 Telescope Prints Andy Stefanik Telescope Improvements
26 Feb 2010
3492-v1 Accelerators (Fermilab's and others) Donna Kubik Other
31 Aug 2009
3199-v1 Introduction to telescopes (radio, millimeter, submillimeter) Donna Kubik Other
29 May 2009
3198-v1 Introduction to telescopes (optical, UV, xray, gamma ray) Donna Kubik Other
29 May 2009
113-v4 Mechanical Overview Talk Dir Rev July 2006 Andy Stefanik Other
21 Jul 2006
272-v1 Database/DM issues Erin Sheldon Other
12 Dec 2006
271-v1 Afterburners Erin Sheldon Other
12 Dec 2006
70-v4 Preliminary Barrel Design - Barrel No 3 Andy Stefanik Other
27 Sep 2006
129-v3 CTIO and the Dark Energy Camera Alistair Walker Other
24 Jul 2006
132-v6 Flaugher-CD1-review Brenna Flaugher Other
24 Jul 2006
107-v1 DECam poster for SPIE Brenna Flaugher Other
18 Jul 2006

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