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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6584-v7 Plan for Calibration of the DES in the Early Years Douglas L Tucker et al. Calibrations
07 Aug 2015
8480-v4 What to expect from DES Public Data Brian Yanny DESDM
12 Mar 2015
6824-v2 Astrometry Update Brian Yanny DESDM
12 Dec 2012
6224-v1 Summary of SE processing try Brian Yanny DESDM
13 Mar 2012
6176-v1 Final notes from meeting -- to do list! Brian Yanny DESDM
14 Feb 2012
6175-v1 System requirements from JDEM Brian Yanny DESDM
14 Feb 2012
6174-v1 Stakeholder-requirements for JDEM workflow Brian Yanny DESDM
14 Feb 2012
6170-v1 OSG High Level Considerations Marko Slyz Brian Yanny DESDM
13 Feb 2012
6168-v1 DDSFlow TechX presentation Brian Yanny DESDM
13 Feb 2012
6164-v1 Introduction to DES DM Workflow Brian Yanny DESDM
12 Feb 2012

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