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Star Flats for DECam Document (v2/Work in Progress) -- Nicolas Regnault

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Douglas L Tucker
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Douglas L Tucker
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14 Feb 2013, 09:54
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22 Feb 2013, 09:30
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22 Feb 2013, 09:30
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14 Feb 2013, 09:54
The relative variations of the response of DECam as a function of focal plane position, can be studied from sequences of dithered images of dense stellar fields. Several such sequences were observed in november and de- cember 2012, during the commissioning of DECam. We present preliminary maps derived from these observations. They display radial non-uniformities (3 to 5%, center to edge), which are significantly larger than what is expected from plate scale variations alone. In the g and z bands, they also display ring-shaped structures of about 2% in intensity. Potential variations of the edges of the DECam filters were also tested. Small (< 1%) but measurable effects were detected in the r, i and z bands. More work is required to 1) check these results, with at least one additional epoch 2) understand the structure of the star flats from the DECal observations.
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DES-Calib/PreCam Telecon, 22 Feb 2013 held on 22 Feb 2013 in ***EAG Workroom (WH7W)***
Star Flat Focus Group Telecon, 14 Feb 2012 held on 14 Feb 2013 in EAG Workroom (WH7W)
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