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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
9043-v2 The Dark Energy Survey (DES) Douglas L Tucker Talks
02 Mar 2016
8592-v1 Transient Science with the Dark Energy Survey Kyler Kuehn Supernova
Spectroscopic Followup
12 May 2015
8460-v1 The Dark Energy Survey (DES) Douglas L Tucker DES-specific
25 Feb 2015
8030-v1 The search for Superluminous Supernovae with the Dark Energy Survey Andreas Papadopoulos Supernova
28 May 2014
7053-v1 The BIGGER picture - Mass & light maps of massive galaxy clusters from early DECam data Peter Melchior Weak Lensing
28 Mar 2013
6934-v1 DES Overview Josh Frieman AAS13
15 Jan 2013
5747-v1 Summer Lecture 2011 and 2012 Brenna Flaugher Talks
26 Jun 2012
4097-v6 Saturday Morning Physics - Cosmology Brenna Flaugher Other
20 Mar 2011
5067-v5 Non-technical-Cosmo Brenna Flaugher Talks
03 Nov 2010
4214-v2 The Dark Energy Survey (DES) Douglas L Tucker Talks
10 Mar 2010
3712-v3 FRA-talk-Oct2009 Brenna Flaugher Management
14 Oct 2009
2275-v2 The Dark Energy Survey (DES) and the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) Douglas L Tucker Science
DECam Instrument
13 Apr 2009
1827-v4 FNAL All Experimenters meeting Brenna Flaugher Management
16 Jun 2008
527-v1 The Photometric Calibration of the Blanco Dark Energy Survey (DES) Douglas L Tucker DESDM
Survey Strategy
27 Apr 2007
439-v3 Draft for March07 PAC Brenna Flaugher Management
29 Mar 2007
273-v1 Blanco telescope status & preparations, DECam installation, community use doc. Tim Abbott Telescope Improvements
DECam Instrument
12 Dec 2006
270-v1 Teuthis: Simulation Management Cyberinfrastructure Paul Ricker Talks
12 Dec 2006
263-v1 DES Data Management Talk Joe Mohr Talks
11 Dec 2006
260-v1 Robust Machine Learning Applied to Astronomical Datasets: Photometric Redshifts Nick Ball Talks
11 Dec 2006

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