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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4019-v2 The Dark Energy Camera CCDs and Focal Plane Assembly (AAS Meeting Jan 4, 2010) Tom Diehl CCDs
Focal Plane
Camera Vessel
29 Dec 2009
3907-v1 Two image based methods for measuring the flatness of the MCCD focal plane Jiangang Hao CCD Testing
Focal Plane
02 Dec 2009
3862-v1 Flatness of V2 Focal Plane in MCCDTV Tom Diehl CCDs
Focal Plane
01 Dec 2009
586-v1 Radial Cooling of Focal Plate Victor J Guarino Focal Plane
17 May 2007
239-v1 Cooling System Status Richard L Schmitt Focal Plane
06 Dec 2006
154-v4 CCD Reports and Anlysis Julia Campa CCD Testing
Focal Plane
26 Jul 2006
133-v6 Focal Plane Talk (J.Estrada) Juan Estrada CCD Testing
Focal Plane
24 Jul 2006

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