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Brenna Flaugher of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6311-v13 Introduction to DECam Operation (Training) Marco Bonati et al. DES Operations
Documentation for CTIO
23 Mar 2013
5847-v2 Raw filter files from Asahi AND combined summary plot Brenna Flaugher Filters
18 Feb 2013
6936-v1 DECam-AAS2013_Flaugher Brenna Flaugher AAS13
15 Jan 2013
6714-v1 DECam presentation Nov. 9, 2012 Brenna Flaugher Management
DECam Instrument
12 Nov 2012
6702-v1 DECam Presentation to Fermilab Staff Brenna Flaugher Management
DECam Instrument
30 Oct 2012
5747-v1 Summer Lecture 2011 and 2012 Brenna Flaugher Talks
26 Jun 2012
6560-v1 The impact of camera optical alignments on weak lensing measures for the Dark Energy Survey Michelle L. Antonik et al. DES Science
BOE 1.4 Optics
Weak Lensing
Telescope Improvements
26 Jun 2012
5710-v4 Photos and Notes from July 2011 CTIO Installation Trip Tom Diehl et al. DECam Installation
04 Oct 2011
4097-v6 Saturday Morning Physics - Cosmology Brenna Flaugher Talks
20 Mar 2011
5067-v5 Non-technical-Cosmo Brenna Flaugher Talks
03 Nov 2010
4014-v5 DECam Poster for aas jan 2010 Brenna Flaugher DECam Instrument
29 Dec 2009
3712-v3 FRA-talk-Oct2009 Brenna Flaugher Management
14 Oct 2009
3248-v4 presentation to FRA June 2009 Brenna Flaugher Management
17 Jun 2009
2516-v1 Closeout action item list review Tim Abbott et al. DECam Instrument
08 Dec 2008
1827-v4 FNAL All Experimenters meeting Brenna Flaugher Management
16 Jun 2008
1729-v1 DES poster for STSCI symposium Brenna Flaugher Management
29 Apr 2008
1640-v1 CTIO 1m Engineering Run with DES CCD Darren DePoy et al. DECam Instrument
CCD Testing
04 Apr 2008
708-v0 News Brenna Flaugher None
01 Aug 2007
572-v1 Microsecond Delays on Non-Real Time Operating Systems Robert Angstadt et al. Monsoon
Conference Proceedings
23 May 2007
78-v7 DECam Conceptual Design Report Tim Abbott et al. CD1 Documents
06 Jul 2006
439-v3 Draft for March07 PAC Brenna Flaugher Management
29 Mar 2007
283-v3 DECam overview Brenna Flaugher Posters
02 Jan 2007
285-v2 DECam overview w/ para on community use for NOAO booth Tim Abbott et al. DECam Instrument
Conference Proceedings
19 Dec 2006
132-v6 Flaugher-CD1-review Brenna Flaugher Other
24 Jul 2006
107-v1 DECam poster for SPIE Brenna Flaugher Other
18 Jul 2006
26-v1 introduction Brenna Flaugher Monsoon
23 Jan 2006

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