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Darren DePoy of Ohio State University is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4295-v2 100mm x 100mm (4in x 4in) DES grizy filter transmissions Darren DePoy Filters
16 Dec 2012
6560-v1 The impact of camera optical alignments on weak lensing measures for the Dark Energy Survey Michelle L. Antonik et al. DES Science
BOE 1.4 Optics
Weak Lensing
Telescope Improvements
26 Jun 2012
4047-v5 PreCam Observing Proposal John Peoples et al. Calibrations
30 Jul 2010
3923-v1 Image Quality Update Darren DePoy DECam Instrument
Weak Lensing
02 Dec 2009
3608-v1 Preliminary Curtis Schmidt Optical Design Analysis Darren DePoy Calibrations
16 Sep 2009
3578-v3 A Proposal to the DES Management Committee for a Plan to Obtain Calibration Data for the DES Footprint in the DES Filter System Douglas L Tucker et al. Calibrations
15 Sep 2009
2987-v1 Goals for the June CTIO-1m DECam 2kx2k Observing Run (Discussion) Douglas L Tucker et al. Calibrations
16 Apr 2009
2373-v2 Calibrations Plan Darren DePoy et al. Calibrations
07 Nov 2008
1915-v2 Using Small Telescopes for the DES: The Next Steps (Discussion) Darren DePoy et al. Calibrations
24 Jul 2008
1848-v1 Plans for a Blanco System Response Engine Darren DePoy DECam Instrument
12 Jun 2008
1640-v1 CTIO 1m Engineering Run with DES CCD Darren DePoy et al. DECam Instrument
CCD Testing
04 Apr 2008
1638-v1 DECam Corrector Lens Transmission Darren DePoy DECam Instrument
04 Apr 2008

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