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James Annis of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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DES-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6584-v7 Plan for Calibration of the DES in the Early Years Douglas L Tucker et al. Calibrations
07 Aug 2015
7392-v1 An overview of the Dark Energy Survey James Annis Science
20 Sep 2013
6915-v1 Star flats and Yacal James Annis Calibrations
20 Dec 2012
3138-v5 The Challenge 5 Plan: Simulation, Data, Analysis James Annis Simulations
30 Jun 2009
4047-v5 PreCam Observing Proposal John Peoples et al. Calibrations
30 Jul 2010
4186-v1 Survey Strategy meeting Feb 26 James Annis Survey Strategy
26 Feb 2010
3612-v1 DES Science Requirements and PreCam James Annis Calibrations
29 Sep 2009
3578-v3 A Proposal to the DES Management Committee for a Plan to Obtain Calibration Data for the DES Footprint in the DES Filter System Douglas L Tucker et al. Calibrations
15 Sep 2009
3043-v3 Data Testing of DC4: Science Requirements and Science Commissioning James Annis Science
Survey Strategy
DES Project Office
29 Apr 2009
2903-v1 Data analysis of the DC4 simulation catalogs. James Annis Simulations
06 Apr 2009
2867-v1 DC4 internal calibration James Annis Calibrations
25 Mar 2009
1639-v1 Science Requirements and system response variations James Annis Calibrations
04 Apr 2008
584-v1 CCD Bad Column Specification James Annis CCDs
17 May 2007
78-v7 DECam Conceptual Design Report Tim Abbott et al. CD1 Documents
06 Jul 2006
41-v1 Science/Technical Requirements - Presentation James Annis et al. Large Scale Structure
Weak Lensing
01 Feb 2006

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